Professional Nurses Home Health Aide Attendant Care Sitter & Companion Services Mission and Philosophy
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Who We Are

Those who work with us make us who we are.

Our most valuable asset is our employees at D & R Tender Loving Care Home Health Services. We are comprised of professional nurses, certified home health aides, CNA's as well as sitters and companions dedicated to quality client care. Since we are a single unit home health care provider we can provide the added attention to detail that our clients require.

How did we end up with quality care professionals?

We are committed to hiring professionals and certified employees who are knowledgeable, dependable and reliable. Our hiring practices insure that the best possible employees are hired. We process the required background checks to ensure that we have quality employees at all times. Although there is an abundance of applicants at any given time we only want the most highly qualified in skill, education and experience. These professionals are then assigned to care for you and your family in your homes.

Taking suggestions is part of our job.

We understand how critical caregiving is to you as the patient. Even more, we understand how this affects your family. Because of this, we are very open to feedback. We strongly believe that by communicating with us effectively, we can give more accurate responses to your health needs at home.

2201 East 13 Street, Suite B.
Wichita, Kansas 67214

10:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday